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Market Social

Every day there are many events like news , tweets and social sentiments on a companies stock. These events will positively or negatively impact the performance of a stock in short and long term both. There is a community of Market social users who discuss and provide their analysis for a stock and discuss everything around the stocks

Sentiments Analysis

Capture the sentiments around any stock captured from social media feed of the comapny and industry. Our active community of investor can use these sentiments to take position and benfit from this information

Corporate Events

Just before any corporate events try and figure out what users of the platform think about it. What is the out look of the individuals who are following the stock at current moment before taking your decision

Ask Experts

What if you don't have a wealth manager. There are users like you who are CFA Level 3 , Traders and Fiancial Wizards on the platform can help you find the stocks they are buying and why. You can folow the investor who meets your risk profile to see their activities

What will I get ?

Our algorithm provides you summary of social mdeia feed of any stocks you are intrested in. Enter your email id below to join the invetment community and get your weekly dose of investment activity