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Bulk Deal Analysis

There are many bulk orders on NSE & BSE placed by various large investors. The idea is to find these deals and take positions on the assumption that investors have some more information that an individual will not have. To get alerts when there is a movement in this space you will have to enter your email id and we will regsiter you for our change report.

What is Bulk Deal ?

Bulk deal is a trade, where total quantity bought or sold is more than 0.5% of the number of equity shares of the company.

What is Block Deal ?

Block deal is a trade, with a minimum quantity of 5,00,000 shares or minimum value of Rs. 5 crores, executed through a single transaction. This transaction is made via block deal wndow

What will I get ?

Our algorithm tries to understand these deals and points out the changes in various positions. We have used this alogirthm to take profitable positions. We would like to share this with everyone as a weekly report directly in your inbox. Enter your email id below and start smart investing from today